“In today’s era of volatility, there is no other way but to re-invent. The only sustainable advantage you can have over others is agility, that’s it. Because nothing else is sustainable, everything else you create, somebody else will replicate.”

                                                                                     Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder

Why agility?

Today’s world is fast-paced, hypercompetitive, turbulent, and thereby uncertainty-driven. Our regulatory master system like values, rules, beliefs, references, etc. gets massively influenced every day. So, today every individual, every member of a team, and any organization have to be agile enough to be able to respond to all unprecedented uncertainties and volatilities. Each individual must possess an agile, open, and growth mindset. 

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How Do We Define Agility?

Agility is a major key to achieve winning performance for an individual as well as for an organization. An individual like you agility is your body balance, your strength, your speed, your quickness, your sharpness, your flexibility, your alertness, your coordination, and how fast you respond. It is all about removing your old disempowering habits and acquiring new empowering habits and responding at a lightning speed to a situation.

About Agility when you think of an organization or institution the attributes may change but the core remains the same. For an organization Agility is embracing technology at a faster pace, coping up with the changing business landscape, correct decision-making ability, speed of responsiveness, action-oriented, innovation-driven, staying visionary, and improving overall operational efficiency. 

Fast Beats the Slow

“ It is not the big always outperforms the small, but the fast outperforms the slow”

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Ways To Boost Your Agility –

  • Mind-body relationship – Mind-body relationship or psychoneuroimmunology ( PNI) is a relatively new field of study. Researchers showed that our central nervous system and our body’s defense mechanism though work in tandem, but our beliefs make all the difference in many a case. Your stronger belief system coupled with your mind-body relationship is an important key to remain agile. 
Mind-Body Relationship

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  • Daily Exercise – Daily exercises have pivotal roles in controlling your weight, helping your body to maintain balance, improve your muscle strength, boost your endurance. It also provides enough oxygen and nutrients to all your systems. As a result of this, you become a fast-mover, active, resilient, dynamic, and agile.

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Developing physical agility with or without equipment is only 15/20 minutes of action in a day. Regular walking, exercising, stretching, jumps, skipping are ways to maintain freehand agility builder. At the same time cones, hurdles, ladders, jump ropes are affordable and easy to use for physical agility improvements. 

Physical Exercises
  • Be a Voracious Reader – Regular reading habits will lead to mental stimulation, will bring stronger analytical thinking skills and a lot of memory improvement. This habit will also manage emotional feelings which are nothing but biochemical storms in your brain. These developments will lead you towards a focused, concentrated, and agile mindset. 

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  • Try New Things – Research shows that ‘trying new things allows us to expand our mind and learning abilities. You get exposed to new ideas, new insights and it enhances your decision-making abilities. You start responding, acting, and reacting in a much faster and agile way. 

Michael Merzenich, a neuroscientist at, the University of California, San-Fransisco in his TED TALK said that “ Our brains are indeed Plastic, they can grow, develop and change themselves with proper nourishment, training and exercises”. 

So, try to learn new things, train your brain and stay active and agile. 

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  • Eliminate Distractions – Psychologists from George Mason University have found that ‘ distractions don’t just take up time, they also degrade the overall quality of people’s work’. In order to boost up your agility your need to eliminate two types of distractions. The internal distractions like illness, hunger, thirst, worriedness, etc. But, a study reveals that a major part of distractions come from external distractions like social association, music, digital devices, and nowadays smartphone with internet connectivity. 
Be Careful from Digital Distraction

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  • Embrace The Uncertainties – Remember uncertainty is the only certainty in our life. You need to turn your attention to ‘now’ and drive on to the current situation. If you are bogged down about something which is out of your control, unprecedented, and uncertain your agility will be surely compromised. So, focus on ‘Now’. Click Here to Learn How to Focus on Now and get more 

“Embrace the uncertainty. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain, anything is possible”. Nandy Hale 

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  • Break The Pattern – We all lead a life based on our habitual mental patterns. As long as the habitual mental pattern is empowering and governs you towards your life’s goal you are in the right direction. Check out ..think .. is your present habitual mental patterns are impediments to your agility! Take a decision.. break the improper habitual pattern, if any will eventually bring a lot of agile actions.

“ If you keep thinking your usual thoughts and doing your usual habitual actions, then the NEW and DIFFERENT can not enter into your life” Laurence Galian

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  • Change Your State – If anything you wish to achieve but do not feel enough motivated to pursue that, realize you are not in the appropriate state. Despite reading this article about boosting physical and mental agility still you feel to be non-agile like lazy, lethargic, sluggish, and lifeless then you need to change the state of your mind. 
Change Your State , Make it Determined

And it is you who can change the state instantly. First, you bring yourself up to a ‘determined state’. Keep yourself in a state of joy, excitement, and creativity. Hold that state. In this excited and joyous state, you need to link tons of pleasure to remain agile and lots of pain to remain non-agile. 

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Concluding Remarks – Only having the right attitude and growth mindset may not be enough tools to succeed in the rapidly changing world of today. You need to be agile. Your agility makes all the difference. As very rightly pointed out by Bill Gates – “ Success today requires the agility and drive to constantly rethink, reinvigorate, react and reinvent.”

So,… will you be agile enough to achieve your goals? 

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