Decide to Decide – Your Decision is your Destiny

Decide to Decide – Your Decision is your Destiny

What is decision making ?

The word decision is derived from the latin roots “de” which means “from” and “caedere” which means “cut off”. Thus making a decision is making a choice from a number of alternatives where you cut-off any other possibility.

One of the major aspects of life is decision making. Life is actually a series of decisions. We always keep on making decisions in our life. 

When you make decision to detach pain and attach pleasure that will slowly start shaping your destiny. 

‘Today’s Decisions Are Tomorrow’s Reality’

  • Why Decisions Are Made ?

Decision making are easy as long as there is no contradictions with your value systems. You make decisions for one of two reasons –

  1. Proactive Decisions – This is an upgradation or one step forward when you wish to add pleasure in your life. This is for life-enhancing, pleasurable, joyful and fulfilling future.
  2. Reactive Decisions – Reactive decisions are those which are based on problems that have occurred. These are quick and immediate decisions. 

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Be it proactive or reactive it is never your conditions of life but your decisions followed by your actions that shape your life. It determines your destiny. 

E+R= O 

Where E= Event, R=Response, O=Outcome

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It says that events are same for each one of us, but responses to the same situations vary. Reponses are the choice point, decision point and eventually action points. So are our outcomes.

  • May be you are only one decision away from a totally different life.. 
  • Every decision or every choice counts..
  • When you decide to develop your mind by learning something new rather than doing something irrelevant that decision leads you towards a stronger and better future..
  • When you decide to eat healthy , you approach towards a disease free stronger and better life..
  • When you Decide to be a kind person, you start giving and receiving. It is said that ‘ what goes around, usually that comes around’ – You approach towards a stronger and better life..
  • When you decide to wake up early in the morning, meditate regularly, you become stronger and better version of you in future..
  • When you decide to keep going despite setbacks , you comeback stronger and better in future..
  • When you decide to be grateful for what you have , rather than complaining you become stronger and better in future.

Therefore, Every Decision and Every Action Counts !!

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Any thoughts to decisions and finally actions come through three major stages. These are known as –

Ati sooksha Level – when you think of something and draw a mental picture

Sooksha Level  – when you write in a paper.

Sthoola Level – When you finally materialize it.

  • Neural Pathways –

In this way, Your every thoughts, insights or decisions strengthens the circuits in your brain known as your Neural Pathways. Since ‘repetition is the mother of skill’ so the pathways get stronger and stronger with more and more repetition with the new decision and actions thereafter. 

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Studies showed that most successful people make decisions rapidly and strengthens their neural pathways powerfully. On the flip side, people who fail usually take decisions slowly and change their minds quickly. 

So, learn the magic of – Making Decision ……. !!!!!

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Strengthening Neural Pathway

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing” .. Helen Keller  

  • Real Life Hero’s Who Took Decisions Despite Failures ! 

A World Famous Scientist Thomas Alva Edison – He invented filament light bulb and founded one of the world’s most renowned company namely ‘General Electric Company’. By the time he died he received a total of 1024 patents in his kitty.

In making filament light bulb his repeated failures became talk of the town. But, Edison was focussed on his Decision and eventually he could make it.

So, after he had failed for more than five hundred times, a journalist asked, ‘Mr. Edison, how does it feel to have failed five hundred times? Why don’t you just give up? Edison replied ‘I have not failed five hundred times. I have discovered five hundred ways it won’t work.’

Think about his decision not to give up when the outside world insists to give up ! He decided not to give up, but to continue…..

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A Successful President , Abraham Lincoln – 

He was sixteenth president in US. He used to be a most competent, visionary, philanthropic man. 

Before becoming the president of USA he lost eight different elections. But, ….he was focussed on his decision despite having a lot of setbacks in life. 

        He decided not to give up, but to continue…..

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# A Successful Entrepreneur , Soichiro Honda-

Mr. Honda began to develop piston ring and he wanted to sell the same to Toyota Corporation for their car manufacturing facility. But, rather than focussing on the pain he focussed on his decision. Finally after two years Toyota gave Mr. Honda the contract he had always dreamt off.

Story does not end here.

World war started. Bomb wiped out almost half of Honda’ factory and the rest half was levelled by Earthquake. Check out the obstacles he faced. Today Honda Corporation employs over one lac people in both United States and Japan. One man understood the power of committed decisions and never blamed on conditions.

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  • Concluding Remarks

Every thrilling experience or every challenging experience happen in our life begin with a Decision. Our destiny is eventually shaped by the moments of decision. So, decide where to go and ask me How to go. The followings are Actions based on your decisions –

  1. Decide what you really want!
  2. Take immediate actions..
  3. Measure your results ( ? ) – what is working and what is not working!
  4. If working pat on your back, if not go back to your drawing board and change your strategy and approach.

So, ..will you be taking a life changing decision and actions from today…Decide Now! CLICK and READ about transforming Dreams into Realities

Remember Just One Right decision can change your life too !

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