Diabetes: Silent killer ! Regular Monitoring is Important

Diabetes: Silent killer ! Regular Monitoring is Important

Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic diseases characterized by hyperglycemia (an excess of glucose in the bloodstream) resulting from defects in insulin (a hormone produced in the pancreas gland) secretion, insulin action, or both. Diabetes is the fourth leading cause of global death by disease. India is emerging as a ‘diabetic capital’ of the world and has the largest number of people with diabetes across the world ( 40.9 million ), Ref. International Diabetic Federation ( IDF ). Lifestyle, Genetic predisposition, etc., have been implied as causative factors. 

The body derives glucose from different sources. Firstly, it is taken up from food in the gut, either directly as glucose or after the conversion of complex carbohydrates ( sugars, starches and fibers found in fruits, grains , vegetables etc.,) into glucose and other simple sugars. Glucose is stored in the liver, muscles, and other tissues in the form of glycogen ( a substance deposited in the body tissue ) . On-demand, glycogen is broken down into glucose and secreted into the bloodstream. Glucose is transported through blood from where it is absorbed by tissues requiring it. After a meal, about 80% of the blood sugar uptake is by muscle cells. During fasting, however, over 50% of glucose uptake is by the brain. On the contrary, if the blood sugar level falls too low (hypoglycemia), the brain malfunctions causing symptoms such as lack of concentration, dizziness, and faintness or in severe cases, convulsions, coma, and even death.   

Our health first priority is to monitor glycemic status which is considered as a major cornerstone of diabetes care. Results of monitoring are used to assess the efficacy of therapy and to make adjustments in diet, exercise, and medications to achieve the best possible outcome.

People with diabetes have an increased risk of developing a number of many serious health problems. Poorly managed diabetes leads to serious complications and early death. An efficient screening and diagnostic system for diabetes are very much essential in India. People with type 2 diabetes (insufficient insulin production or insulin resistant) can remain undiagnosed for many years, unaware of the long term damage of the body organs like eyes, heart, kidney, etc., and also sexual issues. Problems with improper circulation and scarring eventually lead to amputation caused by the disease. When the doctor confirms that an individual turns to a diabetic patient there is no permanent cure for diabetes and thereby effective monitoring is important for proper control and long term management. Monitoring blood glucose level also known as ‘self-testing’, is an imperative part of diabetes management. It also gives a comprehensive idea about lifestyle changes to be adopted and medications to be followed. Regular monitoring of glucose level allows a patient to see the impact of the measures taken for better control of diabetes that includes,

  • Diet change activities 
  • Doing physical activities regularly
  • Weight loss
  • Taking medication  

So, on diagnosis and on prioritizing our health first for diabetes a patient he or she should commit himself or herself to keep a regular close watch on his or her glucose level, ideally he or she should maintain a record for the same over a period of time. Nowadays glucose monitoring by a glucometer at own home’s comfort is a part of the growing home healthcare domain. Glucometers are hand-held small devices that allow you to check blood glucose levels from time to time. One should check the number of blood samples required, the time required to get the glucose value, the data storage capacity of the patient values, rechargeable battery, and above all accuracy and precision of results. With the further progress of science and technology now glucometers have high-end smart features like smartphone connectivity, voice command, higher memory storage capacity at an affordable price. Check Price On Amazon

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