Skill 6 : Embracing Technology – A Most Important Future Skill For You
Learn to Embrace New Technologies

Skill 6 : Embracing Technology – A Most Important Future Skill For You

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent: it is the most adaptable to change” Charles Darwin, British naturalist, geologist, and biologist.


The pace of Change –

Read the summary of the two reports and you will understand the pace of change.

  • According to World Economic Forum ( WEF ), 65 % of the children entering primary schools today will end up in jobs that do not exist yet.
  • Again, According to World Economic Forum ( WEF ), by 2025, it is expected to shift 48 % humans and 52 % to machines or algorithms.

Understand the pace of technological change as rightly said by Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher that “ The only constant in life is change”

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Why Need to be Tech Savvy?

With the dramatic shift in technology, regulatory, scientific advancements, and shift in the market followings are the benefits to be a technological immigrant –

Staying Competitive

  • To remain competitive is to remain relevant and your mind should be on the future. Your futuristic roadmap should be based on scientific developments and radical changes that are happening around you. It requires a continuous investment in learning and being tech savvy.
Staying Competitive with Technology – Picture by Gred Altmann


Greater Opportunities

  • If you see from the lens of a student, or from a teacher, a service person, a political leader, a poet, and a businessman being tech-savvy open the door to more and more opportunities and interactions for all of them.

Being tech-savvy enables you to think smarter, act faster, gives you direction, and informs you about future trends and enormous potential.

“We are changing the world with technology” Bill Gates

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Retain Customers

  • In recent times and more in the future, the advantage of being tech-savvy is predominantly applied in the field of business. Business is all about creating profitable and satisfied customers and as rightly said by Michael LeBoeuf that “ A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”.
Technology Helps to Retain Customers – Picture by Mark Mags


Being tech-savvy makes you understand your customers need, enables you to fill up the gap between need and reality, monitors your supply chain, delivers on time, and get final feedback. It creates a plug-and-play multidimensional platform business model.

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Remain Relevant

  • Being relevant is keeping you engaged with the current happenings so that two ways communications are ready. It gives a competitive edge for you, differentiates you, and creates a unique and smarter category for you. So, in today’s fast-paced and hypercompetitive context having tech-savvy skills is the way forward for the same.


Nurturing Relationship

“A relationship is like a shark, it has to constantly move forward, else it dies ” Woody Allen

Human beings are social animals. In today’s context acquiring ESG skills (Environmental, Social, and Governance parameters) are must to scale up in personal life and professional career.

Being a technology enthusiast gives you a lot of opportunities to maintain your distant relationship and also to connect with newer prospects globally through social media, blogs, vlogs, online messaging mediums etc.

Nurturing Relationship – Picture by Polina Kovaleva


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Why do we need to be Tech-savvy to understand that further, we need to understand the –


The power and impact of technology are being observed across all industries influencing the social and economic activities of mankind. Look at today’s media & communications industry, banking and financial services, healthcare, heavy industries, construction, manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain. Each one of the industries has embraced different modes of technologies and emerging to be more competitive, Powerful, systematic, process-oriented, and automated.

Below is the information from three major industries about the adoption of technologies and rapidity of change –

Influence on Healthcare

  • Research and evidence-based studies have shown that in the current scenario medical knowledge is doubling in approx. 73 days. Such huge is the speed of change based on technology.


In healthcare technology enables you for –

  • Virtual doctor visits, teleconferencing, remote diagnosis, telemedicine, robotic surgery, artificial intelligence-powered chatbot, and many more.


  • You may add a radiofrequency ID (Medical wearables) with patients and the patients can be consistently monitored and tracked through smartphone.


  • The concept of ‘one size fit all is no more relevant with the flow and power of technology and digital platform. One of the biggest technological revolutions in healthcare is ‘precision medicine’ which is tailor-made and specific to a patient and its management.


  • With the introduction of ‘3D printing of organs, organ transplantation cost has been brought down to a great extent. Technology enables to use patients own cells, so the success rate goes up drastically lowering the rejection rate.
Technology and Healthcare
Technology Empowers Healthcare – Picture by Edward Jenner

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These examples are the tip of an iceberg because “ any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic” – Arthur C. Clarke

Influence of Education System

The advancements and developments of technology especially the digital platform has revolutionized the entire education system.


Technology enables you –

  • Getting access to huge resources based on enormous data and information. You can refine your content and communicate in a much sharper and crisper way.

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  • By embracing technology, a student gets more and more options in future study directions and can align himself towards his or her goals.
  • Technology in education improves collaboration and engagement among the learners by saving their time and enriching themselves.
  • Availing to online platforms and getting access to educational experts, teachers take no time nowadays. Not only subscription-based but also lots of free recorded audios and videos available online.


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The global Edutech market size was valued at USD 85 billion in 2021 is expected to reach over 230 billion USD by 2028.

“ If we marry educational technology with quality, enriching contents that a circle of win” Levar Burton

Technology empowers education
Technology Assisted Education Changing the World

Influence on Business –

Data shows that the global e-commerce market is expected to reach US 6 trillion dollars by 2024 growing at a CAGR of 11.34 % for the period of 2020-2024. The Indian e-commerce market alone is expected to grow to approximately 180 billion US dollars.

If you analyze and think you will realize that this enormous business potential is a complete reflection of scaling up businesses through the digital platform by embracing technology. This is more of plug and play model in a networked and data-rich world guided by API and algorithms.

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Technology scales up business
Today Technology and Business are Complimentary

Final Remarks – The power, influence, and impact of technology on mankind are mammoth. Technology makes the world a better place. Embracing technology does not remain an option anymore. In today’s fast-paced digitized world embracing technology is probably the most essential skill to be acquired if not mandatory.

Are you ready to upskill yourself with the power of technology? Start embracing and learning new technologies .. meanwhile, we will be back with the 7th and most important ‘Future-Ready’ skill article ..


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