Power of Determination


“All Depends on how determined we are to be successful” – Robert Kiyosaki 

What are the key ingredients of success? A lot many debatable factors. Answers are numerous. But, few traits are common for successful people. Determination is one of those traits. Remember, without strong determination, it is impossible to realize your dream and with strong determination you become unstoppable!

The pathway to reach your goal or realize your dream has never been a smooth one. No one welcomes you with a placard in one hand, rose garland in the other hand, and with a greeting smile. 

Rather than, the pathway towards your goals is full of challenges. There are unseen obstacles, sudden bumps, frustrations, discouragement, disappointment, and a lot of failures. 

At this juncture only determination keeps your dream alive, it makes you creative and prepares you to be imaginative. Determination changes the ‘state of your mind’.

Determination conditions and re-conditions your mind in the time of need. You become persistent and fearless to remove the roadblocks and break all the impediments! Determination helps you to silently develop a ‘Never give up attitude.

“The difference between impossible and possible lies in a man’s determination” – Tommy Lasorda

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How Determination Makes All The Difference?

  • Focussed Goal-setting – Most people make common mistakes by referring to their current conditions and start concluding about life based on their current conditions. But, remember your current conditions do not reflect your unlimited potential. Your current conditions are transient. Your determination has insurmountable strength. With your strong determination, you can move the mountains. 
Goal Setting

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Look at the life of Karoly Takacs. The Hungarian sergeant. The real hero. He was the country’s top right-handed pistol shooter at the age of twenty-eight. His goal was to get a gold medal in Olympics.

A sudden disaster stuck! At an army training session, a hand grenade accidentally exploded and Karoly’s right hand, the shooting hand blew away!

Ohh! For a moment his goals to win a gold medal in the Olympics got shattered. But, it was Karoly. Different mettle with indomitable determination. He started practicing relentlessly with his healthy left hand and transformed his left hand into a shooting hand. Persistence pays.

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In 1948, the Olympics was in London. Karoly represented Hungary in the pistol shooting event. Guess .. Who won? 

Yes, you guessed it right. It was Karoly. He won a gold medal by transforming his left hand into his shooting hand after losing his right hand.

1952, Helsinki Olympic. Who won the gold medal in pistol shooting? None other than Karoly.

This says why belief, focussed goal settings are important and how the power of determination reaches you there.

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  • E+R=O – This success formula was given by Jack Canfield, one of the most respected authors, motivational speaker, and corporate trainer. 

E+ R = O where, E stands for Events, R for Responses and O stands for Outcome.

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Remember, events are the same for each one of us, but our responses are different and which determines our outcome (success).

For Every Events Your Response is Important

People who lack determination in case of any unfavorable and adverse events negatively change their responses. They lack the determination to pursue, to carry on, and finally give up. Consequently, their outcome changes. They fail and blame the Events.

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On the contrary, a very small percentage of people in the same unfavorable and adverse events keep themselves determined by pouring oil to their goal lamps and keep their dreams alive. They eventually succeed!

 Look at the life of Late Masadur Rahman Baidya. The real hero. A double amputee below the knee who had conquered the English channel. He was a boy from a remote village in West Bengal, India. He met one accident after being run over by a goods train at the age of only nine. He had to spend close to two years of treatment in different hospitals. Finally, he survived but his both legs had to be amputed. 

He was the only man throughout the World who with amputated legs crossed the English channel and strait of Gibraltar. 

Think the level of Determination Masadur had. 

In the final round when he was swimming from England to France the water temperature was 150 and the height of the waves was more than five feet! A man with amputated feet in such cold water and high waves kept on swimming. It was not an easy task. He was repeatedly called by the pilot ship to surrender and come back. But, all odds got defeated in a confrontation with Masadur’s determination. He successfully crossed the English channel. His name got recorded in history forever. What a level of indomitable determination and grit! 

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Remember, same events in life, one group lack determination, the other group continue to be determined and that makes all differences between extraordinary and ordinary.

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Resist Change – Most of people know what to do in life to succeed! But, the irony is most of them don’t do it. Psychology says people are not comfortable with change management. If you wish to reach your goals first you need to be determined to cope up with changes. Don’t resist change. You need to change the ‘state of your mind’. 

People who resist to change possess a lack of determination. Go that extra mile. Be determined to accept changes. 

Do not Resist Change

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself’ – Leo Tolstoy 

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  • Rejection and Failures – 

“When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: you have not ”

Problems and rejections are bound to happen. Problem is a sign of life.

For all successful people, the level of determination is paramount to tackle problems and manage rejection. They believe that life is not without problems, it is overcoming the problem with strong determination to achieve fixed goals. There are countless numbers of examples where despite having a lot of problems and rejections people succeeded. For them rejection ‘NO’ is – Next (N) Opportunity (O), also they do not believe in the disempowering word ‘END’. They define ‘END’ as Efforts (E) Never(N) Die ( D) (END ).

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Look at the life of Soichiro Honda in Japan who was the founder of Honda Corporation. The real hero. He was very passionate about automobiles and made a ‘piston ring’ by himself and tried to sell to Toyota corporation. The structure and design were rejected by Toyota and he lost all his investments including his wife’s jewelry which was pawned. His strong determination gave him strength and he started to pursue. After two years he got an order of ‘piston ring’ from Toyota. But, during the world war, a major portion of his manufacturing facility was demolished by bombing. But, he was a man of iron determination. He rebuilt it again. Today Honda Corporation employs over one lac people in Japan and United States and is considered globally one of the biggest carmakers.

Failure – Rejection – Ultimate Success

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Did he focus on his problems? No! Did he focus on his rejections? No! 

He only continued with a determined mindset to support his passion. Rest all fell in place.

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Conclusion – A true pleasure of life is when you set your goals and achieve your goals. Goal achievement makes you happy, confident and fulfilling sensation as a human being. But, no goal has ever been possible without a strong determination. Without strong determination, you can not succeed and with strong determination, you can not fail. Change the ‘State of your mind’.

“working hard, being patient and being full of strong determination is perhaps the most fulfilling way of becoming rich” – Robert Gardner 

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